Atlas: FAQ

Where can I download Atlas, Generator and Normality?

These plug-ins were end-of-lifed with the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud.

For more information please read the End-of-Life Announcement.

How do I compile the plug-in?

The download includes the source code for the Atlas plug-in, the pfstmo library and the accompanying Xcode project.

If you wish to to compile the plug-in yourself you must also install the After Effects SDK for your platform. I do not include the SDK in the download for practical and legal reasons.

Which tone mapping operators does Atlas support?

Atlas currently supports the “Drago”, “Ashikhmin”, “Reinhard ’02”, “Reinhard ’05”, “Mantiuk”, “Durand”, “Pattanaik”, “Fattal” and “Filmic” operators.

How do the tone mapping operators work?

Atlas is based on the pfstmo library. Please refer to it’s documentation for examples and usage guides of the different tone mapping operators.

There’s also a Flickr Gallery with examples of the various pfstmo tone mappers.

How do I install the plug-in?

Installation is very straightforward and is achieved by simply copying a file to a specific location.

Mac OS X

Copy the plug-in file (e.g. normality.plugin) to your Adobe After Effects plug-ins folder, e.g.:
/Application Files/Adobe After Effects CS5/Plug-ins/


Copy the plug-in file (e.g. normality.aex) to your Adobe After Effects plug-ins folder, e.g.:
C:\Program Files\Adobe After Effects CS5\Plug-ins\

Is Atlas available for Mac OS X?

Atlas 0.4 is available for Mac OS X. Previous versions were Windows-only.

I like what you do and use your plug-ins/shaders in my work. How can I show my appreciation?

A small donation is always appreciated. Thanks!

Why do you advertise your software online if most of it is not available for download?!

Simply put: I’m a computer graphics artist and software developer working a day job in the animation industry – I am not a salesman.

I don’t have the time, motivation or skills required to deal with the business aspects of selling, distributing and supporting software.

However, if you like my work you can hire my services and I will be happy to develop custom software/shaders/plug-ins according to your specifications and individual requirements.