Normality 3.11

Normal pass and shaded with Normality

Type: Plug-ins

Updated: August 10, 2010

Availability: End-of-lifed


Host Applications: After Effects CS3, After Effects CS4, After Effects CS5 and After Effects CS6

Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OS X

Architecture: 32-bit and 64-bit


Normality is a powerful plug-in that allows motion graphics artists to light 3D objects and scenes directly within the familiar Adobe After Effects environment through the use of normal passes and advanced relighting techniques.

The shading quality during previews is as high as your final render — while still being able to light single objects or even whole scenes in near real-time. Normality requires a rendered normal pass from your 3D program of choice — these are very quick to render and easy to apply to your objects or scenes.

The software is production proven and has been used on works ranging from student short films to large scale commercial projects. Animation studios around the globe have used Normality in their productions, including CGCG, Pendulum, Studio Lampion and Polygon Pictures.


Normality includes a number of shaders and tools as you might know them from your 3D renderer.

Built-in Shading Functions Features
Diffuse Shading (Lambert) Real-time preview
Specular Highlights 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit (Float) mode
Incidence Shading Unlimited 3D light sources
Rim-lighting Intuitively position lights in 3D-space
Toon-Shading Runs on Windows and Mac OS X
Reflections Free tutorials and user guide
Refractions 64-bit support for CS5
Bump/Normal maps

You may use my free plug-in Generator to create normal maps from text or shape layers directly within After Effects without the need for an external renderer.

Getting started

First you’ll need to render out a normal pass from your 3D application – please refer to its manual for more information. From then on it’s all smooth sailing:
Apply Normality to your imported normal pass layer in After Effects, add a light source to your composition and voilà – instant shading!
You can control the light’s positioning, color and intensity using AE’s built-in light sources and tune the look with Normality’s comprehensive shading parameters.

Support Options

The FAQ and user guide should cover the most common issues.



Normality 3.11 is compatible with After Effects CS3, After Effects CS4, After Effects CS5 and After Effects CS6 on Windows and Mac OS X (32-bit and 64-bit).